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Publication: 01.11.2023
Rosina Pencheva is one of six female photographers with a distinctive style hired by the Direct Media Kress agency to work on the series Stories of Change - a social campaign for Ravni BG. This is a coalition of 37 civil organisations that actively fight for the protection of human rights, sustainable development, advocacy and support of vulnerable groups. 
True to her style, Rosina contributes black-and-white documentary footage to the story Of Air and People - a story about the fight of the association For Earth against the environmentally harmful practices of the Sofia TPP.

Pipemaker Georgi Todorov-Getz is the new addition to the international network for modern craftsmanship Homo Faber
Publication: 16.10.2023
Pipemaking is one of the rarest crafts in our country. It was Getz who was the first craftsman to professionally make classic two-piece briar pipes in Bulgaria.
His inclusion in the online guide to craftsmanship is on the recommendation of Rosina Pencheva, who is one of the ambassadors of the Homo Faber network for creativity and contemporary craftsmanship of the Swiss Michelangelo Foundation. The author of the interview for Homo Faber is Maya Ivanova, and the photos are written by Rosina Pencheva.​​​​​​
Getz is also one of the characters of Crafted by Hand. Photo Diary by Rosina Pencheva, produced by the Capturing Creativity platform in 2022.

A musical performance by Mirian Kolev is the soundtrack of an eco-journey to the Gabrovo landfill for non-hazardous waste. The concert is part of our first microfest – New Weavers, and promotes recycling
Press release: 09.05.2023
In the early afternoon of September 30, the solo guitarist and composer Miryan Kolev welcomes the musical adventurers of Gabrovo with a concert in an eco-bus. The adventurous journey is a special capsule event within the micro-festival New Weavers for Gabrovo, and its final stop is an educational walk at the Regional Depot for non-hazardous waste under the title A Clean Job.
With New Weavers, we are reviving the former Textile Technical School in Gabrovo through art on September 30th
Press release: 11.08.2023
On September 30th, the former textile capital of Bulgaria - Gabrovo, will welcome the New Weavers micro-festival, interweaving concerts, visual art and a DJ set in a multi-layered artistic experience. The event transforms the frozen-in-time workshop on the second floor of the former Textile Technical School, and one of the preserved looms becomes part of the decor.
Crafted by Hand. Photo Diary by Rosina Pencheva guests the XVIII International Crafts Fair at Etar Museum
Press release: 15.08.2023
From September 1 to 3, the three-day Fair presents four of the protagonists in "Crafted by Hand. Photo Diary". The author of the project will also be present.
Five prominent artisans demonstrate their skills in the Art Zone at the invitation of Rosina Pencheva in Etar Museum
Press release: 24.07.2023
The initiative is part of the International Fair of Traditional Crafts at the Etar Museum and builds on the already established partnership between the museum and Rosina Pencheva with her project "Crafted by Hand. Photo Diary", documenting Bulgarian masters of rare crafts.
First place for Rosina Pencheva in the BG PRESS PHOTO contest
Publication: 08.06.2023
With a photo reportage whose main characters are virtuoso folk drummers, Rosina Pencheva won first prize at the 21st edition of the BG PRESS PHOTO competition for 2022 at a ceremony at the Photosynthesis centre.
Bulgaria's only competition for reportage and documentary photography aims to celebrate the most important events and personalities of the past year in 7 sections covering topics such as politics, ecology, culture and sports. The jury evaluating the candidates this year consists of notable photojournalists: M. Scott Brauer (USA), Zvezdan Mancic (Serbia), Ognyan Stefanov (Bulgaria) and Tamas Zygeti (Hungary).
Rosina was nominated as a finalist in two categories of the Culture, Holidays and Traditions section: one for reportage, where she won first place, and the other for documentary photo essay, in which she was nominated for the Crafted by Hand series, featuring skilled artisans of rare crafts.
Rosina Pencheva presents Crafted by Hand within the European Days of Arts and Crafts initiative in Dryanovo
Publication: 04.02.2023
The photographic diary is a digital project that includes six series documenting some of the rarest crafts in Bulgaria. The artist was invited to join the European initiative by the Municipality and the Historical Museum in Dryanovo. Her presentation, part of the Bulgarian program, took place on March 31, 2023 at 5:30 p.m. in the Kolyu Ficheto exhibition.
European Days of Arts and Crafts is a large-scale initiative that takes place simultaneously in a number of European countries at the initiative of the National Craft Institute of France. In Bulgaria, the coordinator of the event from 2015 to today is the "Central Stara Planina" RSO.
Artisans with rare crafts are protagonists in Rosina Pencheva's photographic diary
Press release: 07.10.2022
Captured stories of hand-crafted works are preserved in the form of a digital visual archive. The project was inspired by the work of Rosina Pencheva as an ambassador of the international craftsmanship network Homo Faber by the Michelangelo Foundation. The purpose of "Crafted by Hand" is to provoke the audience to look at the rare crafts in our country from a new perspective, to inspire development and adaptation to today.
News Archive: ​​​​​​​1234, 5 page
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