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Publication: 15th May 2024
The international guide to contemporary craftsmanship Homo Faber of the Swiss Michelangelo Foundation has included in its roster another Bulgarian author - the master of the elegant art of beautiful writing Jacklina Jekova from Letter Collective. The calligrapher now has her own profile in the prestigious online catalogue, which connects fans of fine craftsmanship with talented artisans from around the world.
Rosina Pencheva, the only person in the role of ambassador for Bulgaria in the Homo Faber movement, recommended the calligrapher for inclusion in the guidebook and provided photographs for her profile. Some of the footage is from Rosina's digital photo project Without an Audience from 2021, in which Jacklina is one of the main characters.
Second place for our microfest New Weavers for Gabrovo in the latest Event of the Year competition
Publication: 13th Mar 2024
New Weavers for Gabrovo, Capturing Creativity's one-day musical adventure, came second in the Cultural Event of the Year competition, closely following winners Malka Teatralna Kompaniya and their Theater24 marathon. The award ceremony took place on March 12 in the local Hristo Tsokev Art Gallery. The award is presented by the "Buditelite 2017" – Gabrovo for the tenth year in a row.
The New Weavers microfestival was among the cultural events nominated by the public in 2023. The Cultural Event of the Year award is determined by a collective vote of a jury made up of local experts in the field of culture and art and a public vote, as this year for the first time the vote of the jury and the audience was in full sync.

The application deadline for the 2024 Homo Faber Next Generation Artisans Training Programs is approaching
Publication: 3rd Feb 2024
Homo Faber NextGen offers two programs that seek to make crafts relevant to the next generations in a cultural, economic and social aspect. Aimed at students and graduate artisans, the programs bridge the gap between today's craftsmen and tomorrow's artists to secure the future of craftsmanship.
Publication: 29th Feb 2024
Julian Mikov and Dimitar Vranchev combine experiment and traditional techniques in their work. The creative duo reinvented the use of neon and breathed new life into it. The characteristic style of their hand-crafting shows the perfection of imperfections.
Their inclusion in the online guide as rising talents is on the recommendation of Rosina Pencheva, who is one of the ambassadors in the network for creativity and contemporary craftsmanship. The author of the text for Homo Faber is Maya Ivanova.​​​​​​
This year's theme is Тhe Journey of Life, and its creative presentation is entrusted to film director Luca Guadagnino
Press release: 8th Feb 2024
Between September 1st and 30th, the third edition of the biennial for Contemporary Craftsmanship Homo Faber takes place in Venice. It invites visitors on a journey, telling through the lens of crafts the remarkable moments and daily routine from birth to the afterlife. Significant life stages are shown through special objects made by skilled artisans using specific techniques. From childhood to travel, through romance and dreams, Homo Faber 2024 showcases the craftsmanship behind the objects that accompany life's most precious moments.
Publication: 1st Feb 2024
The New Weavers for Gabrovo micro-festival, which on September 30 last year took the audience through the Non-Hazardous Waste Landfill and the former Technical School of Textiles, has been nominated for the Cultural Event of the Year for 2023. The one-day cultural-adventure experience that weaved together music, visual art and ecology, was produced by Rosina Pencheva for Capturing Creativity, with a musical concept by jazzman Vasil Hajigrudev.
In the competition, organised for the tenth time by the "Buditelite 2017" NB - Gabrovo, this year there are twelve participating events, chosen by the public. You can vote for your favourite event until February 25, 2024. The award will be announced at an official ceremony to be held on March 12 at the Hristo Tsokev Art Gallery.
Publication: 31st Jan 2024
The photographic project, shot in 2021 and 2023, presents a building in transition – frozen still for more than a decade, awaiting transformation and acquisition of a new function. It is about the former Textile Technical School in Gabrovo, which from 2023 houses the Christo and Jeanne-Claude Center.
In 2023, the photographer was accepted into the VII Academy under the Narrative and Documentary Practice Program for Southeast Europeans. The 12-month course was led by Prof. Paul Lowe – a widely recognized photojournalist, author, critic and educator.
Publication: 25th Feb 2024

Totsev is the only certified master of dry masonry in Bulgaria at the moment, and the craft was included in the representative list of UNESCO "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity" in 2018.
Its inclusion in the online guide to craftsmanship is on the recommendation of Rosina Pencheva, who is one of the ambassadors of the Homo Faber cultural movement for contemporary craftsmanship of the Swiss Michelangelo Foundation. The author of the interview for Homo Faber is Maya Ivanova, and the photos are by Rosina Pencheva.
Hristo Totsev is one of the protagonists in the digital project "Crafted by Hand. Photo Diary" by Rosina Pencheva, produced by the Capturing Creativity platform in 2022.
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