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A microfestival that enlivens the local alternative cultural scene by provoking the need for different forms of artistic expression. The cultural-adventure musical experience weaves the themes of art, architectural heritage and ecology into the natural fabric of life in Gabrovo.
Creative concept: Rosina Pencheva, Vasil Hajigrudev
Featuring: Mirian Kolev (guitar), Teodor Petkov – Toto (piano), Vasil Hajigrudev (double bass), Hristina Beleva (guitar), Stefan Kolev – DJ Skill, Nevena Ekimova (sculptures)
Partners: Regional landfill for non-hazardous waste, Gabrovo, Christo and Jeanne-Claude Center, Gabrovo, Alarma Punk Jazz, Racho Stoyanov Drama Theater, Innovations in Culture Foundation
Co-funding: Municipality of Gabrovo under the program "Culture" 2023, priority "Creative experience and socialisation of spaces", Ministry of Culture under the program "Distribution of performances and concerts in the field of musical art" 2023 and the National Culture Fund under the program "Restoration and development of private cultural organisations" 2022
Production: Capturing Creativity
Crafted by Hand. Photo Diary
Digital series (2022-2023)
Artisans – who are they, what inspires them, what are they capable of and how do they see their mission today? A photographic diary that leaves a visual trace of a journey into the depths of the trade by creating portraits of skilled craftsmen, illustrating their creative process and showcasing the grace of their wares.
Creative concept: Rosina Pencheva
Featuring: Hristo Totsev (dry stone masonry), Petar Paunov (coppersmith), Georgi Todorov – Gets (pipework), Hristo Marinov (goat hair weaving), Stopan (bookbinding), Deyan Denchev (luthier)
Partners: Partners: Gabrovo – Creative City of Handicrafts of the UNESCO Network, Michelangelo Foundation, Etar Regional Ethnographic Open Air Museum – Gabrovo, 8 Magazine
Co-funding: Municipality of Gabrovo under the program "Culture" 2022
Production: Capturing Creativity
Conversations in an informal language about the work of contemporary artists - how they started and what they have been through, what provokes them and what stops them, who are their favourite authors, what ideas they collect for rainy days, what are the common clichés they hear about their work, how their day goes, what music they listen to while they work. The podcast has its own website with additional text and visual content.

Creative concept: Margarita Dorovska, Rosina Pencheva
Hosts: Margarita Dorovska, Vladimir Petkov – Kaladan, Elenko Elenkov
Featuring: Michail Michailov, Kaloyan Iliev – Kokimoto, Nevena Ekimova, Daniel Bozhkov, Tekla Aleksieva, Georgi Ruzhev, Alexandra Georgieva – Sashettu, Natalia Yordanova, Nikolay Panayotov, Lyudmila Milanova, Stanislav Belovski, Miroslav Zhivkov – Dzhingibi
Co-funding: National Culture Fund under the program "Visual Arts" 2021
Co-production: Capturing Creativity (episodes 00–10), Govori Internet (The Internet Speaks)
Production: Capturing Creativity

House of Culture – a visual archive
Audio-visual project (2021)
Shortly before one of Gabrovo's architectural masterpieces - the "Emanuil Manolov" House of Culture - entered a new period of its existence, it became the subject of the current project. In connection with the upcoming modernization of the building’s characteristic interior spaces, Capturing Creativity brings together cultural organisations and artists to capture this stage of its life. The results are a music video and photographic documentation that showcases the popular building's unpopular interior and highlights its exceptional cultural value.

Creative concept: Rosina Pencheva
Featuring: Bulgarian indie rock band Ostava
Partners: Urban Tapes, Emanuil Manolov House of Culture – Gabrovo
Co-funding: Municipality of Gabrovo under the program "Culture" 2022
Production: Capturing Creativity
The pandemic was a period of extreme limitations for artistic professionals, especially those who relied on live audiences. What does the daily life of an artist look like in extraordinary conditions? Can the process of creation be separated from that of sharing? These questions are answered by the series Without an Audience, which tells four visual stories of creativity during isolation, filmed between December 2020 and April 2021.
Author: Rosina Pencheva
FeaturingJaklina Jekova & Todor Georgiev – Totskata (Letter Collective), Vesela Morova (Spectrum Vocal Band), Paicho Ivanov, Asan Ivanov, Ventsislav Radev, Borislav Petrov (Folk Drummers of Bulgaria), Senju Puppet Company
Co-funding: National Culture Fund under the program "Creative Initiatives" 2020
Production: Capturing Creativity
Outdoor photo installation (2015–2016)
A photographic retrospective dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Racho Stoyanov Drama Theatre, presented in the centre of Gabrovo. The installation contains black and white archival footage of the theatre's repertoire dating back to the first decades of its existence, which correspond visually with independently shot colour photographs of the contemporary repertoire. The exhibition boards are built on the basis of parallels that allow the viewer to see the archival footage through the eyes of the present and vice versa.
Accompanying events: The joint exhibition Points of View and a meeting-discussion on the topic "The artistic image – the basis of tribal, civic and national memory in the world of disappearing borders"
Creative concept: Rosina Pencheva, Petrinel Gotchev
Authors: Petrinel Gotchev (painting, lecture), Rin Yamamura (paper models for theatrical costumes), Rosina Pencheva (documentary photography)
Partners: Racho Stoyanov Drama Theater – Gabrovo, State Archives – Gabrovo, Hristo Tsokev City Art Gallery  – Gabrovo
Co-funding: Municipality of Gabrovo under the program "Culture" 2015
Co-production: Capturing Creativity, "Hristo Smirnenski – 1949" – Gabrovo
Working Title
Photo exhibition (2014)
Digital series
(in progress since 2013)
An ongoing artistic project that traces the processes of art creation in their nakedness, authenticity and unique imperfection. The focus of the documentary series is the draft, the unfinished version, the work in progress, the search for form and expression. Captured and immortalised is an intermediate and transitory world—the world of the creator as he creates new universes.
Author: Rosina Pencheva
Production: Capturing Creativity
The cultural projects of Capturing Creativity are possible thanks to the financial support of the Municipality of Gabrovo, the National Culture Fund, the Municipality of Sofia and the Ministry of Culture
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