Photo: © Zlatimir Arakliev
Mirian Kolev is a musician, composer and multidisciplinary original, best known for his ambient/drone project E.U.E.R.P.I., who has worked together with dozens of new world masters in doubly modern crafts – dance, installation, space, theater, film, digital media. A shaman living today in Tryavna, who comes down from the mountain especially for our esoteric postmodern ritual – the concerts on wheels on the way to the Non-hazardous Waste Landfill and back. Film music for a road documentary, environmental post-orthodox atmospheric gospel or synthetic minimal blues for real-time machines and people? There are only two opportunities to find out: there and back again.
Photo: © Teodora Nikolova
Teodor Petkov – Toto is a pianist, composer and teacher who released his self-titled debut Bake A Biscuit in 2021, paying homage to the great masters of the be-bop jazz era. The new master, who has worked in the region more than once, quite clearly - literally with his own hands - will set the rhythm and harmony of the second part of the New Weavers for Gabrovo program from his "loom".
Photo: © Darina Zlatkova 
Beleva & Hajigrudev is the gadulka-and-double bass duo of the soloist of the BNR Folk Music Orchestra and one of our most active young jazz masters, who studied his craft in Rotterdam, Berlin and Malaga. In the boldly localized reading of the classic violin-double bass duo, #balkan #folklore #cinematic is just the beginning of the countless tags we can use to search for the definitions of their collaborative art, which officially debuted two years ago with their Trikop EP. In addition, some of their latest compositions will be performed in the building of the Christo and Jeanne-Claude Center.
Христина Белева: Facebook • Instagram
Васил Хаджигрудев: Facebook • Instagram • BandCamp
Photo: © Viktor Tsonev
DJ Skill is a Thracian craftsman from Filibeto, who possesses the master secrets of the art of weaving on two turntables. If you follow the thread of vinyl culture in our country, you know that this nickname is not accidental and behind it we see one of its main drivers on a national scale. For the finale of our program, his hallmark only guarantees top-quality entertainment category, inspired by the old masters of Bulgarian pop music. Wear your dancing shoes.
Photo: © Rosina Pencheva
Nevena Ekimova is an artist whose vision is not afraid, and perhaps one of the reasons is her artistic-academic growth in Norway, Iceland and Sweden. She is literally Gabrovo’s finest: her energy-efficient sculptures made of used materials are the genetic guarantee for local roots and relevance. Several of her most influential works are the special guests in the musical adventure that is New Weavers.
New Weavers for Gabrovo is a cultural program, produced and curated by Rosina Pencheva for Capturing Creativity in collaboration with Vasil Hajigrudev
with the financial support of the Gabrovo Municipality, "Culture" 2023 program, priority "Creative Experience and Socialization of Spaces"
Ministry of Culture, Bulgaria, "Distribution of performances and concerts in the field of musical art" program, 2023
and National Culture Fund, "Recovery and Development of Private Cultural Organizations" program, 2022

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